Forbes Picks Techdirt As Best Tech Blog

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Forbes today came out with their list of five best tech blogs and right in there at number 2 is Techdirt (following, of course, Slashdot). There’s a poll where you can vote, which will (of course) be overwhelmed by Slashdotters, but that’s okay. As the Techdirt blurb (very nicely) points out, “when the programmers are reading Slashdot, their bosses are reading Techdirt.” Anyway, in all honesty, all five of the blogs on the list are quite good, and deserve some votes – as do any number of great technology blogs that didn’t make the list.

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Comments on “Forbes Picks Techdirt As Best Tech Blog”

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Joe Schmoe says:


Congratulations Mike!

But may a pox befall whoever put that article together. Auto loading pages that forward to the next before you can finish reading, a “stop” that does not stay in effect when you manually advance to the next. And “that” was only accomplished after loading the subpage of the article a second time (after the first launched itself into a survey / ad page that took you away from the story). Garrrrrrrrrrr!

AC says:


I originally read “when the programmers are reading Slashdot, their bosses are reading Techdirt” as a kind of an insult (suggesting that it is more posing and marketing than useful information), but reading the article, it seems that they suggest that techdirt gives a more general view of the IT industry, instead of focusing on specific software or news. If so, great! Congrats to Mike for the hard work.

dorpus says:

Can he keep it up?

Can Mike keep his anti-establishment tone, or if he is a mere mortal, will the site become shallower, more dumbed down, to appeal to a wider audience? Like many an enterprise, they start out as places of anti-establishment originality, then become more complacent and hypocritical when they succeed.

It’s unlikely that Mike will write any anti-Forbes articles now, and before long, he may start writing about the virtues of a flat tax. When/if he gets funding to expand the site, perhaps it will have more product endorsements, cheesey flash graphics, sugary buzzwords like “positive thinking”.

But, I am not sure.

No Got says:


First, congratulations Mike! You have certainly earned the recognition.
Second, it’s unbelievable that has made a list of anything remotely positive, what with its hoardes of impossibly sanctimoneous and inhumanly boring readers. While it is reassuring to have Kuro5hin around in order to give these people an outlet and to avoid having them pollute anything remotely interesting on the web, its inclusion in this list of TECH weblogs cheapens the entire thing. At least the equally self-important Slashdot sheep have the first clue of what is actually what. If there is a more boring web site than Kuro5hin on the internet, it will surely collapse under its own immense gravity.

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