Businesses Discover Cellular Data Services

If you follow the industry on a regular basis, it’s almost amusing to see companies start to discover cellular data services that they can use so their employees can connect from anywhere. While the speeds don’t match up to higher speed offerings, things like EDGE or 1xRTT can be perfectly reasonable if you’re on the go and don’t need to do that much that requires speed. The most amusing part, however, is that the company profiled claims they have a competitive advantage by showing up at a potential customer’s office and simply having internet access already. This was the same thing I found years back when I used to show up at companies with one of the original brick Ricochet modems. The beginning of any meeting always consisted of a discussion about how I could simply be connected without using their company network. It really impressed people. Either way, for all the talk about WiFi, this is just another reminder that companies are just beginning to discover the power of wide-area wireless coverage.

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