Cingular Sneaks In EDGE?

WiFi Networking News is reporting that Cingular users are experiencing speeds that are way too high for the GPRS connection they thought they had, leading to speculation that Cingular has started turning on EDGE systems. As the WNN piece points out, Cingular’s rush to move to EDGE becomes less important now that they’ve bought AT&T Wireless and will soon get access to their more widespread EDGE offering. This isn’t a huge surprise, of course. Cingular has been pushing forward with EDGE for a while, and were, in fact, the first company to launch a commercial EDGE offering, though in limited locations. Derek cautions: But don’t get giddy right away. You will need a phone or PCMCIA card that is EDGE-ready to see any of these benefits, and the majority of the terminal hardware out there is NOT EDGE-ready.

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