Innovations That Reinvent The Wheel

from the making-things-work dept

So, it appears we’ve entered the “boring” phase of the internet revolution. After all the hype has died down, but the technology is still hanging around, most of the companies showing off at Demo 2003 (one of the “big name” conferences where startups introduce their new products) are simply trying to make old technologies work better – whether it’s a better online music player or ways to stop spam. No one’s working on the big revolutionary technologies, because that’s not the environment we’re in any more. Of course, I think there’s a place for both things. I think most companies should focus on making things work – because that’s where we get useful products from. However, it’s more fun to think big, so I’m sure there’s no shortage of people out there working on what they believe is the “next big thing”. A downturn doesn’t stop dreamers.

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