Compromise Copyright Bill In The Works

from the going-down-the-middle? dept

In Congress, it seems, there have been two extremes in the copyright battle. We’ve had the Howard Berman’s and the Fritz Hollings’ style bills which are designed to protect their supporters in Hollywood. Then we’ve had the Rick Boucher’s and Zoe Lofgren’s who are fighting for consumer’s rights. The question has been raised: is there a middle ground? Well, we’ll soon have some legislation intorduced to find out. Senator Ron Wyden is getting ready to introduce a compromise copyright bill that is doesn’t seem like much of a “compromise”, as it’s really a consumer protection bill in disguise (not that that’s a bad thing…). This bill would require consumer electronics, technology products, and media products to come with labels explaining their anti-copying technologies. This makes some amount of sense, but is unlikely to go anywhere. It protects consumers from unknowingly buying a copy protected system or content. Hollywood, of course, will never go for such a plan, since it goes against everything they believe in. It would, however, be good for consumers in that they could freely decide to not support companies that treated their customers like criminals. It’s almost reasonable enough an idea, that I figure it will never get anywhere.

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