Civil Liberties Group Going To Protest Internet Blocking Law

from the bad-lawmaking dept

Yet another story about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is a follow-up to a story we had last year when a law was passed in Pennsylvania requiring ISPs to block access to child porn sites. Clearly, child porn sites should be taken offline, but that’s not what law says – it says, instead of taking the sites offline, ISPs should be responsible for making sure no one can view them, even if the sites aren’t hosted by that ISP. A civil liberties group is getting ready to appeal the law, pointing out that if a porn site is doing something illegal, then the authorities should go after the operators of that site – and not push the burden on ISPs to block them. The main fear is that by making the ISPs block certain sites, they may end up blocking other, completely legitimate sites that happen to share an IP addres. No matter what, it’s silly to make the ISPs be forced to censor the web.

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Comments on “Civil Liberties Group Going To Protest Internet Blocking Law”

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1 Comment
JR says:

Civil Liberties Group Going To Protest Internet Bl

This is another example of how a bunch of politicians without the slightest bit of technological intelligence start trying to dictate technology itself. Do any of these morons actually sit down with anyone that knows how these things work to decide if the plan they are about to shove up people’s butts is a viable one???

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