Gaming Is Good For You

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Over and over and over again the argument comes up from people who have a kneejerk reaction to violent video games and assume they must be a “bad influence” on the people who play them. They always trot out ridiculous examples of kids who shoot people and (gasp!) also played video games. It’s like a playground for peole who don’t understand logic… It ignores the millions of people who play video games and don’t kill people, or those who don’t play video games and still kill people. It’s like saying “most school kids who are involved in school shootings go to school, schools must be bad…”. Anyway, there have been some who have said that video games are actually good to play because they act as an outlet – letting angry kids (and they’re all angry these days, aren’t they?) let out their aggression in a way that doesn’t harm anyone. A new study brings up even more important points about how video games can be good for you. The study looked at Counter-Strike, and found that the game developed strong community and social feelings. It teaches people about cooperation, trust, and friendship.

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Comments on “Gaming Is Good For You”

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Mark Hammond says:

No Subject Given

As video games get more photo-realistic, I can see the problem of life imitating art becoming more problematic.

Following a recent session on The Getaway (a driver/shooter played out on a startlingly realistic map of London) I was driving through London and found myself having to constantly fight the urge to swerve out on the pavement or cross the central reservation to overtake slower cars.

And I’m not a nutter or anything, honest.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

It really doesn’t matter. Kids/adults/whatever are what they are. A violent child/adult doesn’t need a movie or game to get them started. They are already there. I do believe it sometimes provides them an idea of how to commit a violent act (most being unimaginative to begin with) but it does NOT push them toward commiting a violent act. In other words, a shitty kid/adult is a shitty kid/adult. Video games not required.

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