Slammed By My Slammed By A Spammer Story?

from the oops dept

Ah, the chain of events. I put up my slammed by a spammer story yesterday morning. I sent a copy of it to Declan McCullough over at Politech, because he often writes about spam. He picked it up and put it on his Politech list this morning. A reader of that list, apparently submitted it to Slashdot where it was posted, and thousands of people came to Techdirt. We’ve been Slashdotted twice before, without much of a problem, but for some reason, this time hit us much harder. It wasn’t a bandwidth issue, but we were maxing out on the number of simultaneous connections. We’ve boosted that number, which seems to have helped. Also, the traffic seems to have slowed as Slashdot finally posted another story. So, the site was pretty slow for a while, but should be better now… Sorry about all that.

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Comments on “Slammed By My Slammed By A Spammer Story?”

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bri says:

i'm with you, man..

i had this exact same thing happen to me (not the slashdot part, though i was slashdotted for something else recently and my ISP got blown off the map).. i opened up my mail one day to find hundreds of bounce messages all with this really poorly written spam letter in it.. someone had used my email address as the from: in an outgoing spam.. freaking outraged i was, but really what are we going to do? i’m curious as to how long until spam brings the internet to a screeching halt.. the signal to noise ratio in my mailbox (private email, my own domain, not even a hotmail or yahoo) is losing at a phenominal rate.. i estimate it to be about 1:20 now, and only that good because i receive a pantload of legitimate email..
so i feel for you, it’s happened to me..
bri.. just bri.. i don’t have email.. please god make it stop..

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