Laptops Running A Temperature

from the too-darn-hot dept

If you think the laptop you carry around now gets too hot after a bit of use, just wait and see what’s coming. At current rates of advancement, it’s predicted that within ten years an average microprocessor will give off the same amount of heat as the space shuttle’s rocket exhaust. Since that might be a deal breaker in getting people to buy computers, it seems that there’s a growing industry in coming up with innovative cooling technologies that should help keep your processors (and your lap) from catching fire.

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Comments on “Laptops Running A Temperature”

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dorpus says:

Good news for Canada

-40 degree weather has a way of cooling things fast — throwing up a cup of boiling water and having ice flakes come back down. I went snowmobiling in Hudson Bay during xmas once — it was interesting to wear 7 layers of clothing and still be cold.

This is good news for places like North Dakota or Yellowknife, as attractive locations for Server Farms. It’s also terrible news for India.

Unless we come up with breakthroughs in superconducting technology, we might have to have speed limits on laptops. People have spent many years trying to improve superconducting materials without much luck.

The Dirty Tech says:

No Subject Given

I’m not so sure I agree.

Once the general public realizes that it isn’t about the clock speed of the processor. The industry will act accordingly. Right now, the only thing I want faster on my laptop is the hard drive. Which, thankfully, there are now 7200 rpm drives for laptops.

Of course, if we stopped calling them laptops and stopped putting them on our laps, heat won’t be so much of an issue, lol.

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