Why Big Biz Pays Too Much For Mobile Phones

If you are like most corporate mobile phone users, you never looks at your bill or even have a chance to see it. Chances are that even the person paying the bills doesn’t look at them very carefully or can’t make sense of them. As a result most companies spend too much on their mobile phone service. According to Traq Wireless, a software company that helps companies manage their mobile phone spending, 22 percent of mobile phone revenues come from customers being on plans that cost them too much due to overages and other fees. They also found that 7 to 10 percent of corporate mobiles aren’t being used, but companies continue to pay monthly fees for them. By making bills hard to read and the accounts difficult to manage, carriers are literally driving customers to companies like Traq. Instead they should be implementing better tools to help customers manage their services more easily, thereby building customer loyalty and differentiating themselves from competitors.

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