The Next In Thing? TV In Your Bathroom

from the the-bathroom-is-the-new-living-room dept

In an article that dares to suggest that “the bathroom is the new living room” (I think the person who said that actually said it with a straight face), USA Today takes a look at the growing trend of people installing special flat-panel TVs in their bathrooms. The TVs come in all shapes and sizes, specifically designed for bathroom use. There’s even a TV that installs in a mirror, so that when it’s off, you just see a mirror, but when it’s on the LCD screen shines through the mirror. The best bit of justification anyone can come up for one of these in-bathroom TV sets is that when friends are over for movies (and you have the TV in your living room wired to the one in your bathroom) you don’t have to pause the movie every time someone needs to use the bathroom. That’s gotta be worth the few thousand dollars it cost to buy and install the TV.

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