The Internet Might Just Save The Planet

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After a few days of really pessimistic articles about how difficult it is to find jobs and how cyberterrorism is going to destroy the internet, here’s a nice optimistic article about how the internet really has changed the way we live. The main point is that the internet allows “hypercommunication” that lets people to do things they’ve never done before, opening up opportunities. The logical leap could use a little more backup, but the writer believes this will lead to a more environmentally friendly world because goods are more customized (less likely to be thrown out as quickly) and we have the ability to sell or buy older goods to others who might want them (instead of just sending them to the local garbage dump).

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Comments on “The Internet Might Just Save The Planet”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Manufacturers are more than compensating for higher quality goods by making them unrepairable. So I would say the disposable culture will increase usage in the end.

As for the notion that anyone can start a car company, does the author have any idea how much overhead it takes to start one? There are hundreds of safety tests and what not to be done.

I would say the internet will increase opportunities just as much for environmentally destructive businesses operating in the shadow of the law. There is a “garbage barge” trade of ships that sail around the world, hauling garbage to whichever country will take them. If they don’t get taken, then they just get dumped into the sea.

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