California Controller Backs Net Tax Plus "Download Fee"

from the uh,-wait-a-second... dept

California’s new Controller, a former eBay executive, made a splash last night by telling Silicon Valley execs that not only does he support taxing online sales, he think there should be an internet connection surcharge on your phone bill and a “per download” fee on software. What’s most stunning about this is that he doesn’t even try to justify it on a reasonable basis. He simply says that California needs the money, so they’ll tax whatever is necessary to get it.

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Comments on “California Controller Backs Net Tax Plus "Download Fee"”

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dorpus says:


It shows the tech industry is growing up, when it is able to take on adult responsibilities and stop hiding behind government subsidies of tax shelters.

What about the $600-per-PC “Environmental Impact Fee”? We could also start an internet licensing system, whereby applicants for a web hosting license must pay $800 to the Internet Regulatory Commission. Doctors and some other professionals have to pay the same kind of stiff fees.

dorpus says:

Re: Time to leave CA

They said that about CA during the last recession, that taxes are too high here.

1. Other states will follow CA’s lead anyway.

2. High-end research businesses can’t leave here because of the talent pool anyway. There are plenty of stories of businesses that relocated out of high-cost areas, and ended up with incompetent, terrible local labor.

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