Fight With Computer Brings In SWAT Team

from the anger-management dept

Found on GeekPress, this story is a little older than ones we normally post, but it’s too good to leave out. It seems that the SWAT Team in Boulder Colorado was called to an apartment building, after a maintenance worker saw (through an open door) a man screaming threats and waving a gun around. Traffic was diverted, and the rest of the apartment building evacuated, at which point the SWAT Team confronted the man and discovered he was yelling at his computer and threatening it with a plastic pellet gun. I’m sure plenty of people can relate to getting angry at their computer, but to avoid a visit from the SWAT Team, please refrain from threatining to kill it or calling it a “bitch” while waving around a realistic-looking gun. At least while in view of anyone outside. The man was not arrested and was apparently apologetic (and, I would guess, embarrassed).

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