Spammer Exposes Customer Data

from the learn-who-the-suckers-are dept

All sorts of things can be discussed concerning this story of a spammer who stores all of his customers’ data in plain text files on his site. First, the most shocking, is the fact that so many suckers have actually bought (copied software) products from this spammer. I know this point comes up all the time when people with half a clue discuss spam, but there really are plenty of suckers out there who buy things from spam messages. No, I don’t know why. Also, is it really any surprise that a spammer doesn’t care at all about protecting his customers’ data? The reporter contacted one of the customers who sounded surprised that (1) her data was exposed and (2) that the software she bought was counterfeit, but still hoped she received her order. I guess it’s no wonder that spammers continue to operate like they do when people they’re scamming aren’t at all outraged, so long as they still get the goods.

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