On-Demand Computing Scores Its First Customer

from the is-it-the-next-big-thing? dept

Business 2.0 takes a look at the hype behind IBM’s first announced customer for their “on-demand” computing solutions and wonders if on-demand computing is the next big thing. By making computing a less capital-intensive investment, while also making it more flexible to actual demand, is it likely to catch on? While I definitely think there’s potential here, I’m not sure it’s going to be as big as some of its supporters think (or if it does get that big, certainly not as quickly). For various reasons, many companies still want control over their computing resources. Giving that up can be pretty scary. I also think, just like almost any “buy vs. rent” type decision there are many factors that play into the proper choice – and there will always be some situations where one method is much more appropriate than the other.

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