AT&T Broadband Customers Moving Email Once Again

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It’s good to own your own domain in order to guarantee that your email address is always valid, no matter what happens at lower levels. I’m reminded of this all the time, but it’s coming up once again for all those folks who have AT&T Broadband cable modem service. It was only a year ago that they were forced to change their email addresses from to – causing many to complain loudly. I imagine they’re not particularly pleased now that AT&T Broadband is telling them that their wonderful new addresses are being phased out in favor of email addresses – now that AT&T Broadband is owned by Comcast. Technically I have an email address (though, I’m not even sure I know what it is), so this doesn’t impact me. However, it does seem like it would be incentive to anyone who does use their ISP-provided email to go somewhere else to separate your email address from your ISP.

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Comments on “AT&T Broadband Customers Moving Email Once Again”

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Bish says:

Hear hear!

I cannot agree More. In the last 8 year I’ve changed jobs 3 times, towns 4 times and ISPs about 4 times. I’ve changed email addresses exactly ZERO times because I run my own domain.

That’s 8 years, now; think on that. Even during the most expensive phase of the project, I’ve only had to pay about $60US/yr. Not too shabby for piece of mind.

Barb. says:

Emails - Help me please!

Thanks to Google I found You!!! I use Windows 98
Version 6 and have two people I exchange information with. One, here in my Town, and I can converse by phone and believe me we sure have ever
since she switched to for her ISP! The other person lives 3000 miles from me and has
had for well over a year and we have
exchanged many emails during that time, but not any-more!!! Every time I send an email to either
one of these people approximately 24 hours later I
receive an email that says the email has been
“DELAYED” (?) I’m not computer literate by any
means but have been on line for four years and
have never, ever received that message before.
Have you ever had that happen? Let me continue,
after that message arrives and an additional 36
or so hours pass I get another email saying “Failure, server cannot be found”! Yeah,
okay, and I would think I had messed up the address and would then try again, with no success.
I believe in the last 10 days I have spent a
minimum of 6-7 hours on the phone to MSN tech
support trying to find a solution and before we
hang up I am always told that the problem is not
MSN but it is a Comcast problem and the party I am
trying to send to should contact comcast!!! This
is where living in the same Town has come in handy for both of us. Well, MSN blames Comcast,
Comcast blames MSN and my adult long out of the
nest children tell me to buy a new computer! I’m
a stubborn senior citizen, and figure that the
amount I pay each month for my ISP service is
enough that I should be able to use my computer.
I’m hoping that you can help me lay the blame with
this either on MSN or COMCAST. Comcast has only
been available in my area for a couple of months
and about a month ago I decided to switch to Comcast and when the installer finally came (7 hours late)he checked my cable installation where
it comes in the house, then said he had to check
the phone pole where it came in from and then informed me that the only way it would be possible
to install comcast would involve tearing off
the outside siding of my home and somehow trying
to get the new cable line to my T.V. outlet (my
home is 12 years old and prewired with probably
l5 T.V. outlets and my T.V.’s run off these outlets anywhere in the house. Comcast bought out
our cable T.V. (over a year ago) and we are now already Comcast customers!!!! What could I say?
He did sit down and do some
checking at my computer to determine what my down
load speed was (824.2) and uploading at (256). He said it was excellent and Comcast certainly couldn’t beat that even if they could have done the installation! Could he have accidently changed something on my computer? I never thought of that before until just now. Hmmmmm?

I have taken up far to much of your time but I
would be thrilled to no end if you could give me
some insight on this problem. I have to start
getting some sleep instead of looking, looking,
searching, searching and talking to Tech after Tech about this.

Thank you so much for allowing me to go on and on about this and for taking the time to read through it all.

A very frustrated little old Widow lady,

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