Redefining The PC

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I heard about this a few months back, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The typical PC monitor only covers a tiny portion of a user’s field of vision, leaving plenty of untapped visual real estate. A researcher at Microsoft is working on a new, curved display that acts almost like an IMAX-style monitor for your computer, making much more efficient use of your field of vision. I have to admit, it sounds very tempting. It’s 12 inches high, and 44 inches across as it curves around your desk, making the most of your peripheral vision as well. Of course, this is a long way off from any sort of actual product. I also wonder what it would mean for laptops, which can’t offer the same sort of coverage. I could see similar systems being used in head mounted displays, though.

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Comments on “Redefining The PC”

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dorpus says:

Support dilemma for game makers

Surely, game makers will want to take advantage of the new opportunities this would offer. However, if most people do not own a panamax monitor, game makers would have to make two versions of their product, for the high-end vs. ordinary gamers.

It also occurs to me that wide-angle monitors could create a new kind of annoyance. For now, I can easily rest my eyes by turning my head away from a narrow-angle monitor. With a wide angle monitor, I’d have to turn all the way around. Monitors that don’t irritate the eyes still seem to be a ways off.

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