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Student Wins Award For Fast Web Browser

from the more-browsers... dept

First Apple releases their own web browser, and now some sixteen-year-old kid in Ireland has won a “young scientists” award for a new web browser he wrote. Who said the browser wars were over? Apparently, this new browser is six times faster than a typical browser (on a dialup connection) – though no details are given on how that works. It does sound like it has some other nice features, including built in access to many search engines and a number of audio/video plugins built in. It even includes a DVD player so a user can easily watch a DVD and surf the web at the same time.

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Comments on “Student Wins Award For Fast Web Browser”

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ggruschow says:

No Subject Given

Bah. Let us know when someone technical has seen a copy, or the guy let’s us know what it’s improving and some idea of how.

News flash: 7th grader from Nigeria wins prize for developing 4 million lines of code over the past 6 months that allow you to do math 6x faster. If you go at 7x faster, the human brain starts developing aneurysms, so he throttled it back.

dorpus says:

School Science Fairs = Fraud City

There are just too many kids who get generous help from their parents or older brothers, in know-how and access to facilities. We’re supposed to believe they did it all on their own.

So what’s this? Some Paki from Ireland has magically sped up internet connection speeds 6 times, like those popup ads claim. Reminds me of another Irish engineer a few months ago that made small waves when he claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine out of a dishwasher.

Or the NYT last year did a follow-up of two kids from a working class high school in New Jersey who became local media celebrities because they won a science fair. They were eventually exposed as frauds.

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