Trust Grows In Online Transactions

from the as-scams-rise? dept

It really wasn’t that long ago that the tech savvy folks would make fun of people who were afraid to use their credit cards online, saying that there was simply no evidence that anyone’s credit card information had been stolen online, and you were much more at risk handing your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant. Well, clearly, there is now a risk in using your credit card online (though, it’s probably still much less than handing your card to a waiter in a restaurant), yet web surfers have more faith than ever before in online transactions. I guess this is natural, as people get used to the technology, but I find it amusing that as we hear about more online scams involving stolen identities, people are suddenly willing to give up more and more information. Of course, that’s only the trend. In absolute terms, still only about 25% of people seem comfortable with their information online. Most people are still scared to death of what’s happening to all their personal info.

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