DVDs Had A Blockbuster Year

from the yet-the-movie-industry-still-complains dept

We’ve had plenty of stories about how DVDs were catching on, but here’s a good summary article talking about how strong a year DVDs had. DVDs and even DVD players are now being sold in supermarkets. In almost no time at all DVDs have become incredibly mainstream, and people who never would have bought VHS movies are buying DVDs as fast as they can. The article points out that the TV industry has realized there’s a market in DVDs as well, and are quickly putting out TV shows on DVD (including ones that I am addicted to). It’s funny to contrast these stories with complaints from both the movie and TV industry about how new technology is killing their business. Here’s an example of how Hollywood can package something up in a way that consumers want and are willing to pay for. Maybe if Hollywood stopped spending so much time complaining about new technologies, and spent more time learning from the success of DVDs they’d realize they could make more money than ever before.

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