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Is 4G Right On The Heels Of 3G?

While most folks aren’t spending too much time looking at 4G technologies, when 3G is still struggling to get off the ground, one study is now predicting that some carriers are going to quickly jump to 4G in the next few years, and completely avoid the mess that is 3G. While other predictions have said that 4G won’t be around until 2010 or so, this study suggests we’ll start seeing 4G networks by next year, with 50 million subscribers by 2007. They also predict that 4G systems will interoperate with WiFi systems to offer more options. Their predictions might be a little on the bold side, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that carriers need to do something. Their original 3G plans haven’t worked out at all, and even their backup plans are being shaken a bit by the quick acceptance of WiFi. It seems that wireless carriers may be forced to, in some cases, start from scratch – and they may decide to just push for a much greater technological leap by adopting 4G technologies.

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