When Couples Meet Online, They May Lie About It

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Despite the growing popularity of online dating services, it seems that many people still lie when asked where they met their significant other, if it was through one of those services. Some couples who have gone on to be married have even created elaborate stories for anyone who asks, to avoid admitting that they met online. It would seem that, over time, there will be less and less of a stigma attached to such things. Most of the people quoted in the article are in their thirties, and I wonder if people in their early to mid twenties feel the same way.

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Comments on “When Couples Meet Online, They May Lie About It”

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dorpus says:

Consistent Historical Pattern

When the telephone was introduced at the turn of the last century, there was a conservative backlash against its usage. People feared that telephones would lead to indecency, broken families, communism, and anarchy; respectable people therefore should not use the telephone. (Incidentally, people held similar views on bicycles, because women who rode them would expose their legs.) We see similar attitudes concerning the internet today.

We are the last generation where large number of people still think it is somehow indecent to meet people on the net. In later years, they will be the laughingstock of younger people.

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