When Unlimited Means Limited

One of the big problems with wireless data is per megabyte pricing. Consumer just don’t understand it nor do they want to feel like the meter is running. Carriers are now starting to launch “unlimited” data options to spur demand. But you need to read the fine print as to what they mean by unlimited. For example T-Mobile’s Sidekick has a gotten a lot of attention due to excellent design and a great price plan. However reading the fine print, you will see that Sidekick data access is only unlimited for the first year after which the plan includes 15MB of data and $3.50 per MB afterwards. Orange in the UK is doing the same with their Microsoft Smartphone launch. Their unlimited plan is unlimited as long you don’t go over 10MB. At this stage in the game usage limits are a necessary evil. But carriers are only shooting themselves in the foot by not being more upfront about what they mean my unlimited.

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