Another View From The Bottom

from the not-looking-good dept

gary wrote in with yet another story about out of work technology workers, this time focusing on those in the “Telecom Corridor” in Texas. Not exactly the most uplifting reading.

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Comments on “Another View From The Bottom”

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Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Egads, that article pretty much ruined my day. Luckily, I only put in one year at a telecom. One reason I got out was the fear of being branded a telecom guy. In sales – thats sort of like used car guy. Not saying its fair – but its how the business world looks at salespeople from the (formerly) big telcos.
One phrase on the first page really caught my attention though:
Like so many in the telecom boom, he has lived beyond his means.
There is obviously a lesson there…

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I can agree that MCI/Worldcom looked like a bad idea, and one which has pretty much killed any company they touched.

This is different reading for me — it is the first time I remember reading about out of work high-tech people who were genuine tech people, not “HTML-For-Dummies” type ‘tech’ people.

Everything is cyclical, and have no doubt that after a couple of years of readjusing things will start to grow at a slower and saner level than before.

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