Using Technology Stay In Touch With The Family

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The NY Times has an article looking at how the modern business traveller with a family is using technology to enhance the nightly call home. Parents are making sure they stay in better touch with their children, and helping them with their homework via email and instant messaging, among other things. Hotels are even catching on to the fact that business travellers aren’t just using the hotel business center to connect to the office – but to check back in with the family, and are providing tools to help with that as well.

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Comments on “Using Technology Stay In Touch With The Family”

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1 Comment
Richard Jones says:


This is going to come across as a blatant plug for the company I work for, but…

I work for a company that provides integrated voice, email and faxmail (with dynamic text-to-speech and soon to integrate SMS/texting too) through the
website and over the phone.

Disclaimer out of the way – our biggest market is with kids and young adults going off to see the world and keeping in touch with their parents. Holiday camp workers, backpackers and the like. Contiki tourists as well. So yeah, we’re seeing people using the various integrated forms of technology to keep in touch.

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