Patent Troubles Pending

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Just last week we were talking about how Divine was planning to go after companies offering online shopping carts for violating their patents. It seems they may have some competition. A “company” (it seems more like an opportunist paired with a lawyer) that is claiming to own patents that seem to cover just about any sort of online transaction is suing small e-commerce players in groups of 10, trying to get them all to settle and license the patents for $5,000 a pop (probably less than they’d spend on lawyers to fight the patent). The theory is that the company is using these smaller companies (who don’t have the resources to fight) as a way to build up a war chest to take on bigger e-commerce companies. However, some of the smaller companies are banding together to fight back, and trying to drum up support from other small e-commerce sites who “might be next”. Once again, I wonder exactly how these patents have done anything to stimulate innovation?

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