Small Webcasters Get Royalties Extension

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So, yesterday was supposed to be “d-day” for the various small webcasters who were required to pay up on the ridiculous (back-dated) fees they owed the recording industry. While the highly controversial compromise bill failed to pass the Senate, the company in charge of collecting the fees says they’ll hold off collecting the full amount from small webcasters as long as the debate continues in Congress. However, those webcasters do still have to pay the minimum yearly fees of $500 for however many years they’ve been webcasting. A nice gesture, to be sure, but I doubt that it will make many webcasters happy. I’m sure plenty will simply ignore SoundExchange until they get a letter from a lawyer, try to somehow move underground, or shut down completely.

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Comments on “Small Webcasters Get Royalties Extension”

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1 Comment
lor says:

any loophole to be found ?

I worked in a bank in a tax heaven for many years, so I always think it is possible to go around laws easily, especially in this case since the Internet is not localized in any way.

Couldn t they just go overseas/offshore ? Setting up offshore companies is always expensive, but maybe they can join forces on that ?

Is there something I am missing ?

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