Why Do You Hate Spam?

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It seems people were pretty vocal in discussing just why they hate spam in a recent Internet Week survey. The biggest reason was the productivity drain, but people also get annoyed that they lose legitimate emails mixed in with the spam along with the bandwidth costs and the “offensive nature” of most spam messages. I think, beyond just the nuisance of spam, what pisses me off is that these idiot spammers seem to think that if they send me the same message 50 times a week, suddenly I’ll be interested in their crappy product.

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Comments on “Why Do You Hate Spam?”

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bytehead says:


I wouldn’t mind spam nearly as much if I didn’t get 5 copies in one day, or 15 copies on consecutve days.

I’m getting IM spam, about 10 differnt IMs today as a matter of fact. They are EXACTLY the same, with only the name of the girl (and using a DIFFERENT ICQ number as well!) I noticed I had 6 events waiting, Ctrl-Shift-A, saw it was spam, hit the ignore button, and the rest of the events got ignored! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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