The Internet And Summer Vacation Homes

from the two-things-that-don't-go-perfectly-together- dept

Two different articles in two different newspapers about summer vacation homes and the internet. The first, in the NY Times (you know what that means) talks about the process of finding a lakeside cottage to rent for a weeklong vacation. The problem was that the shopper started late, and there wasn’t much available. When he finally found an available (reasonably priced) cottage, he forgot to ask some… very basic questions (“Excuse me, but how badly does the kitchen reek of fish?”) that might have shed some light on exactly why the cottage was still available. Over at the Detroit Free Press (blissfully free of registration requirements) is an article from Mike Wendland, talking about his summer vacation cottage on a lake which had its own website. He was surprised to find that, even in such a remote location, most of the residents around there were big internet users (even if his cabin didn’t have internet access, or mobile phone service). The cabin, itself, had a website. He didn’t say anything about the smell of fish in the kitchen, though.

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