Teaching Kids To Invest Online

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Wired has an article looking at some of the online programs designed to teach young children how to invest. They suggest in the article that now might not be the best time to teach kids how to invest since the market has been doing so poorly – but that seems wrong to me. Now might be the best time. Many of the problems we had with investors over the last few years was they had this ridiculous belief that the market only moved in one direction. Teaching people that money can be lost, as well as gained, is a valuable lesson that can help teach anyone to be more conservative with their own finances and to invest more intelligently.

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Comments on “Teaching Kids To Invest Online”

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Steve Snyder says:

Re: What??

Because right now we have a huge problem in this country with the average 20-30 year old having hundereds or thousands of dollars in high interest (credit card) debt. Teaching kids how to save should be of critical importance, and investing is the next step beyond a savings account. There’s more to investing that just the stock market, CD’s, bonds, mutual funds, etc. And maybe if there were more informed people, instead of people who either think money grows on trees or think all of investing is “gambling”, we might be a little better off.

steve snyder

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