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With things like TiVo and ReplayTV making the entertainment industry worried about their advertising revenue (and sometimes accusing commercial skippers of “theft”), sites like and are becoming more popular everyday – suggesting some kind of disconnect. What the broadcast industry doesn’t seem to understsand is that people are willing to watch advertisements if the content is entertaining. The article also talks about other ad models, such as sponsorships. Advertisements that are forced on consumers and which are boring and not well targeted aren’t very useful. This isn’t about the “death” of the commercial advertising industry – but them finally finding out that their commercials are terrible and annoying.

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Comments on “Ads On Demand”

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::CORY:: (user link) says:

No ...

Carrot Top is the death of commercial advertising. I cant possibly understand how company’s who make utterly retarded commercials can think they will help them sell the product.

Unless they think that might annoyance will create some sort of risidual memory of the product when I need it. Well if I am ever in a position to use a 800-Collect number “instead of dialing zero” and I think about Carrot Top I will rip the phone off it’s stand and throw it in a lake.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No ...

Have you seen this? Supposedly (but can’t really be) from internal AT&T memos. Very funny. Just a sample:

“Maybe because I trust the brand managers in the business units so much to preserve our brand equity, I feel like I don?t need to see every TV ad before launch. But I had a free hour this Sunday and I sat down to watch part of a Giants game. And I should be happy to say I saw a new 800-CALL spot. But I?m not. Why?

Because I?m trying to figure out how that strange red-headed guy fits into our brand profile. I?m trying to figure out how that strange red-headed guy will sell this key service. I?m trying to figure out how I would explain to Armstrong or even Betsy that that strange little red-headed guy is going to help us gain the six points of share against MCI that you?ve promised us in this service sector.

Who is that strange little red-headed guy and why is he spending minutes a day in front of millions of Americans standing next to my logo?”

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