ICANN Forefather Not Happy With Its Current Direction

from the more-democracy-would-be-nice dept

Ira Magaziner, who, in many ways, helped create ICANN said today that he thinks the organization needs to become more democratic, and he’s disappointed with the direction it’s moved in (away from public elections, and towards extreme secrecy in all aspects of its operations). He points out that “expediency doesn’t justify a lack of democratization.” The article then goes on to quote Joe Sims, whose sole role at ICANN these days seems to be to say something to the effect of “you simply don’t understand because you’re not a part of ICANN – and we can’t explain it, because only those who are here would understand.” In other words, the reason they have to stay so secretive is a secret as well. This is the body that controls the internet. Wonderful.

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