Ebone Connected To The… Nothing

from the bye-bye-internet dept

Just as I’m reading an article about how the internet shouldn’t be affected by a possible Worldcom bankruptcy I find out that KPNQwest is shutting off the ebone network which carries 25% of European traffic. I go back to that first Worldcom article where it points out that between Worldcom and KPNQwest, they carry over half of the internet traffic in Europe. So, half of that half is now gone, and if Worldcom goes down, that brings down at least another 25%. This should be fun.

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Comments on “Ebone Connected To The… Nothing”

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lorenzo says:

No Subject Given

I read about ebone backbone shut down every other day, since kpnqwest went belly up. After so long, even if they stop it for good, it ll be without consequencies as everybody must have already found alternative carriers.

also, they always say only 1/10th of fiber capacity is actually used, so even if we lose 75% of it we will still be running at 30% capacity.

Anithing wrong with my math ?

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Spelling!!!!

Thanks. I’ve fixed it now.

For future reference, it reflects better on you if you simply point these things without being rude about it. Affect/Effect is a fairly common mistake, and while I try to be conscious about it, I sometimes miss it. Sorry about that. A simple email to the feedback address or a friendly post pointing it out is appreciated. Lots of exclamation points and a “sheesh” seems a tad excessive.

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