Microsoft Doesn't Have To Disclose Lobbying Efforts

from the backroom-deals-stay-in-the-backroom dept

It seems that the judge in the Microsoft case agrees with Microsoft that its backroom dealings should stay in the backroom. The judge ruled that Microsoft doesn’t have to reveal details of its government lobbying efforts – despite a law that says they clear are required to. The original complaint was that Microsoft only listed lobbying efforts with the Justice Department and not any Congressional members. The law reads “any officer or employee of the United States.” However, the judge says that it should only apply to members of the executive branch, so Microsoft can keep up its lobbying of the legislative branch with relative secrecy. Seems like a bad interpretation of the law, since Congressional employees are clearly employees of the United States as well.

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Comments on “Microsoft Doesn't Have To Disclose Lobbying Efforts”

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Mgallagher says:

There HAS to be more to this story

I do have to say that in my (limited) experiences with Federal Judges, the do seem to be pretty intelligent and quite fair people who do take thier responsibilities awfully seriously. I’m having a hard time accepting that CK-K would just arbitrarily disregard a law, that at least for a lay-person, seems pretty clear.

There just has to be more to this.

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