Debate About The Pearl Video Online

from the the-next-age-of-journalism dept

I didn’t post anything about the debate last week concerning the FBI’s attempt to suppress the online video of Daniel Pearl’s murder. However, today, the Chicago Tribune has a very good article on the subject, where they argue that this is an example of how the web revolutionizes journalism. It’s no longer a debate about whether a news organization decides to show the video – it’s a question as to whether or not people decide to view it. Warning: I have not seen the video, nor do I intend to – but even the description alone in the article of the video is fairly gruesome.

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Comments on “Debate About The Pearl Video Online”

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Anonymous Coward says:

When someone sez "no can watchie"

The first thing I do is download and watch.

As for the Pearl video, I was not all that
impressed. I’ve seen for better and more
interesting snuff vids. Muslum extremeists need
to start spending more time a video editing camp
instead of military training camp.

What is interesitng is that his killers are known,
in custody and are going to get away with it.

u2604ab says:

Daniel Pearl

A few months ago, while I was riding an SF Muni streetcar during rushour, reading the Wall Street Journal, a well dressed woman boarded the car and took the unoccupied seat next to mine.

A few miles later, she asked if I read the journal often. We had a friendly little conversation (a little odd to speak to total strangers on the MUNI, but she seemed nice enough). A few blocks before she got out she pulled out childhood pictures of her with her brother — Daniel Pearl.

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