Learning Toys: Good Or Bad?

from the at-least-they're-learning dept

No matter what you do, people will find a way to complain about it. It used to be that toys were bad because they had no educational value. Now that educational toys are becoming a big hit, people are complaining that educational toys force kids to start learning at too young an age. They’re saying that parents are forcing such learning “toys” on kids and hoping to jumpstart their education. Instead, they’re taking away from the very important “free play time” when kids learn how to learn and also learn to be more creative.

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Comments on “Learning Toys: Good Or Bad?”

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Lee says:

All toys can be learning toys

The process of “playing” is the foundation of technology used later in life. It doesn’t matter too much what the child is playing with, everything can be a learning toy

A child playing with wooden blocks is learning building skills, well hopefully learning. Looking back playing with blocksI learned about cantilevers and counterweights when trying to span a gap greater than I could with post and lintel

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