Manage To Fail Through Weirdness

from the huh? dept

It seems that management theories have gotten so overused that now the latest management theory seems to be to ignore all management theories. Or, at least, that’s what I think the point of this article is. It talks about some management theories designed to get attention and be innovative. Part of the point is that most management theories become so popular that everyone follows them, and then they are very predictable and not particularly innovative. So, to get around that you should act weird and not follow any trends. Of course, once this becomes an accepted management principal, then what are you supposed to do?

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Comments on “Manage To Fail Through Weirdness”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The object being...

…to act so weird that all the other managers around you need prozac to cope; once that goal is accomplished the rest is easy…

But seriously folks… if you’re constantly shopping around for new managment “theories”, then you probably don’t have any of your own and are faire game on the menu of the next corporate downsizing power lunch.

Anonymous Coward says:

This my theory and the theory is mine:

Random Shootings.

How more unpredictable and quirky can you get that that?

Announce it a day before instituting the policy, that way all the slackers who actually read memos (and take them seriously) will go away of their own free accord.

On the day that the policy goes into effect, shoot someone in the head who is clearly a slacker (can be anyone, upper managment, worker bee, mail room clerk… the more random the better), the second wave of people leaving will be all those who read the memo but didn’t take it seriously. If nobody leaves, shoot another one.

On the thrid day, you will be left only with “die-hard” employees who *really* need their jobs and will work tirelessly for you in even the most abhorable working condictions. Expect productivity improvements in the 1000% category.

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