Lawsuit Against Wireless Companies For Some Reason Or Another

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Apparently a lawsuit has been filed against most of the major wireless companies. Unfortunately, the article makes no effort to explain what the lawsuit is actually about. As far as I can tell it’s some angry consumers who are upset that the shiny new cell phones they bought don’t work on some carrier’s network. I don’t see what the big deal is, but apparently they felt a lawsuit was needed to prove that the carriers can’t “bundle” the phones with their packages. At least I think that’s what the lawsuit is about. I can understand the complaint to a certain point… but I don’t see why it’s worth a lawsuit. It would be nice to be able to use whatever phone with whatever service (assuming they were technically compatable), but I don’t really see where anyone’s rights have been violated.

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Comments on “Lawsuit Against Wireless Companies For Some Reason Or Another”

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McHale says:

Mobile Phones and stuff

Yep. It’s a big deal. You go to AT&T and buy a Motorola StarTac 7797. That particular phone is a Tri Band that works on the TDMA network. OK. Since AT&T is a shitty wireless company (and they really are) you decide to go to Cingular. Cingular is a TDMA network and also sell the same Motorola StarTac 7797.

AT&T makes Motorola make the phones so they can not be activated on someone else’s TDMA network.

As a wireless engineer I back the lawsuit 100% and am considering joining it.


Doris L. Smith says:

Re: There are more problems than this...

I will try to be brief. I have had Cingular for quite a while. Then we made a new contract, which has made my life a living hell. Every single month, since that contract has been, I spend two hours of my time going through the bill, trying to figure out what happened. They would charge us for mobile to mobile when our contract clearly states we have free mobile to mobile. Of course, once they do this, then it throws the other calls into higher charges etc. I spend the morning going through the bill, then the rest of the afternoon with Cingular. But, the real problem comes in is when they “adjust” the bill. You can not get a re-adjusted bill at all, not a statement, nothing, from them to see what you are actually being charged for. I threw a fit and called PUC–who kindly put me in to a supervisor of Cingular who told me the same thing that I have heard over and over. Every month, 38-45 pages, every month headaches, every month doing what they should have done to begin with, yet, I can not get anyone to listen to me, nor to help me. If I find someone to do a class action lawsuit over this, I certainly will. I have even thought of going to the cingular office here in Saratoga and getting arrested. Grandmother of five goes to jail over cell bill. Should be great. Doris

Daniel P Fabrizio says:

Re: Re: There are more problems than this...

I was tricked by Cingular. They have GSM in CA and NV but TDMA everywhere else. I of course chose Cingular because I was moving from MA to CA. They sold me on the fact that they have a great relocation plan and coverage in CA. I found out that my new $300 Motorola V60 TDMA phone doesn’t work in CA, plus they have no service in most of the Berkeley (UC) area. I would like to know how to join the class action suit.

Adam Durst says:

Re: Re: There are more problems than this...

This scenario sounds exactly like what I’ve had to go through with Cingular. I’ve also been charged roaming minutes/fees on top of being charged against my anytime minutes when the call was a “free” mobile to mobile call in the first place. Or in other words, I’ve often been charged twice for calls that shouldn’t have been charged at all. I’ve made attempts to cancel, but have been told that to do so would impose a $150 cancellation fee, and that any other credits/refunds being “processed” would not be considered further. So basically, you sign up for Cingular, they screw you out of your money, you try to set everything straight & leave, and they try to screw you out of even more money. I’m pursuing a class action case, and I request that anyone out there with information regarding cases already established please email me.

Tracee Cole says:

Re: Re: There are more problems than this...

I signed a new contract with Cingular 3 months ago. We changed to a family pack. One phone at reg price and 3 for 9.99 each month. We chose the unlimited mobile to mobile instead of the free nights and weekends. It has been a living nightmare with them every since. The first bill, which should have been around $80 came in at $335.01. That is because on August 12, 2003, they dropped mobile to mobile on one of our 4 phones. This phone belongs to my daughters fiance. All of the minutes on his phone should have been mobile to mobile since it was obvious all of his calls went to her. Called Cingular. They say they are sorry. They don’t know why this happened. They will send it to their mobile to mobile department and get it fixed. Second month I received a bill for $713.47. First bill isn’t fixed yet, and now somehow we have lost mobile to mobile on 3 of our 4 phones. Same scenario when I call as before. 3rd month I receive a bill for $1517.02. Now…none of our phones have mobile to mobile and we are being billed for every single minute we use the phones. I am livid. Call Cingular. Same scenario. Ask to speak to a manager. Leave a voice mail. Manager of course does not call back. I would love to see a class action lawsuit brought against this company, or a TV expose or anything that would get them to straighten their act out. If you don’t have mobile to mobile from cingular, your bills should be fine. Ours was. But the minute you go mobile to mobile everything goes to hell.

Pat Beard says:

Re: Re: Re: There are more problems than this...

I would like to know what ever came of a possible lawsuit against Cingular. I “had to” change cell phones because of changing technology. It sounded like I would end up with two phones with mobile to mobile for $10 less per month than I had been paying. The first month was fine, then the second month the bill was $50 higher. The third month was $400! Turns out I was being charged for mobile to mobile on both phones and it ate up all my roll-over.

So far the company store is working with me, but it has been a huge hassel. They still have not adjusted my bill, but they told me that the problem should be fixed — now that I am paying $20 a month more for the same service I thought I was getting for less….

So were do we “sign up” for class action?!?

Dan says:

Re: Wireless Companies

I have never heard a complaint for Verizon. I have had many of the same problems with the same bullshit Cingular has given everyone else. Now no one can come a with a contract, so we can’t even cancel if we wanted to. What they do is unlawful, illegal, and wrong altogether. I seriously wish this was exposed or someone in the media let people know about this. I hope they die a painful painful death. Never go thru them ever.

S.Miller says:

how do I join class action lawsuit against Cingula

I’ve had nothing but grief from Cingular since they bought AT&T. When i check my online minutes near the end of my billing period (even the last day), it shows that I have quite a few minutes left, maybe a hundred or so. Then when I get I bill, I have to pay for overages. Their explanation: it says on the website that it isn’t always accurate.

Also, they have urged me to get a new plan with them but will not give me as good a plan as the one I have.

M. Brown says:

Cingular Lies

I moved back to CA from NC and always had sprint(for 7 years), never had a problem even living in NC in a town with 7 stoplights and driving across country 2700 miles. My husband is stationed at Camp Pendleton and we heard that they had better coverage then Sprint so we went to the corporate office and asked them about their coverage. They told us that if we got their service and phones and were not happy with them, meaning we dropped calls and had poor reception that we could get out of our contract, well here it is 3 months later and we have been dropping calls left and right. My husband and I use these phones as our primary phones and we don’t even get service at our home in Oceanside. I have called AT&T and they said to turn my phone off and then on again and it would fix the problem, well that doesn’t explain the dropped calls. They also told me that it would be $175 a line to get out of my contract. I have lost more calls in the last 3 months with AT&T then I did in the 7 years with Sprint.

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