Big Sites Don't Draw Big Spenders

from the dept

It turns out that the sites that attract the most traffic, don’t always attract the biggest spenders so if you’re silly enough to believe that online advertising actually works – maybe you shouldn’t just be giving away your hard earned venture capital money to Yahoo. Instead, you should figure out what corners of the web the rich and powerful hang out in and dump your wasted banner ads there. You might be surprised. The Detroit News readers have a higher “Buying Power” ranking than those who read the Wall Street Journal. Of course, I visit almost none of the sites listed, which either reflects my current (lack of) “buying power” or, perhaps, just the type of contrarian surfer I really am. I like to hang out with the riffraff.

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Comments on “Big Sites Don't Draw Big Spenders”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

It's not the Rich and Powerful you want to attract

…but the gullible “fools” who are easily parted from their money. That’s the only explanation for being at the top of the list. However, I’d take this with a huge grain of salt — I don’t understand why would have a high ranking, when it would seem to attract people who were too cheap to pay for a real ISP.

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