Music Was Easier When It Was Free

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Here’s an article that pretty clearly explains why all these new music subscription services won’t work. It’s not just the idea of paying vs. free (though, that’s part of it), but the fact that these pay for services won’t be nearly as good or as useful as the free ones. It’s pretty tough to convince people to pay for a worse service than the free alternative. First, each one only has songs from certain labels. People have to know which labels produce their favorite music (something very few people do). If you want to hit all the major labels, you’ll have to pay for at least two different services. Even then, due to the way the agreements are structured you won’t get access to all songs from a label. Just a select few. Gee, that sounds like such a great deal. Where do I sign up?

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Comments on “Music Was Easier When It Was Free”

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1 Comment
brian says:


Could we start a new business ( that for one subscription gives you access to all these sites? I bet you could cut some deals with the music-sites to get lower rates. The problem is how do you get people to sign up before you cut the deals? Maybe Dennis could scrape the music off these sites illegally using multiple accounts. (uh… maybe not)

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