The PC At 20

from the it's-all-growns-up dept

PC World takes a look at the 20th anniversary of the first IBM PC and points out some of the key moments in the rise of the PC over the past 20 years. I’m just waiting for one of the Techdirt-reading Apple fans to make some sort of snide comment. Either that, or maybe one of those reliable Linux fans complaining that the article talks too much about Microsoft. Oh well. For those who aren’t looking to spout off about their causes, it’s still an interesting look at the history of the PC.

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Comments on “The PC At 20”

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Ed says:

Check out the table at the end.

A 1981 PC compared to a 2001 PC. Everything on the current model is orders of magnitude better than the 20-year-old model, but today’s PC takes 51 seconds to boot windows (a number which gets steadily worse as that PC gets used, in my experience), while the old clunker booted DOS in 16 seconds (off floppies, no less).

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Check out the table at the end.

“die, moron”? “you stupid fucking imbecile”? These seem a bit harsh… Come on, if you’re going to insult someone here (which is more than allowed) at least try to do so intelligently, and with facts rather than pure insults.

Now, I don’t know you at all, and I have no clue how old you are, but you’re showing your age here, and it’s probably not what you want to be doing…

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