Online Shoppers, Offline Buyers

from the that's-one-direction dept

A new study says that a lot of people are shopping online, but actually buying offline. These numbers could influence brick and mortar companies who wonder why they bother keeping their online division going. That online e-commerce site could be driving traffic to your stores. Of course, I think I’m the opposite. I shop offline in stores (books, clothing) and then go buy them online at lower prices. I guess I’m just ruining all their statistics.

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Comments on “Online Shoppers, Offline Buyers”

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Bjorn says:

This is hard to believe

I would question this. My own experience and most of my friends is precisely the reverse. I weeks spend a few hours at the local Barnes and Noble and look at the latest books. Then I go home and order the ones I like at For electronics same story. Just bought a Garmin Etrex at Amazon. $119 – $15 rebate plus free shipping. I looked at this puppy at the local CompUSA, where they charged $119 plus 8.25% tax. I rest my case.

Anonymous Coward says:

Easy to believe

I believe it. I browse online to find the right items and then find a local supplier. Why? Because I believe in supporting my community. Think about it, what jobs are the folks going to have if you go buy everything online? That and in the inevitable event of returns? I’ve found talking to someone face-to-face gets much greater results than endlessly sitting on hold or arguing with some customer support rep that’s six states away.

Bjorn says:

Re: Easy to believe

Perfectly valid points. Again from my perspective and I guess most other people that live in big cities (I am in Dallas) supporting local community is of little concern. Second “returns” is getting MUCH easier from the bigger retailers like If you have a problem you fill out a 3 lines on a form that has all the information regarding the transaction. The 3’rd item is what time you want it picked up. Its actually less cumbersome the taking it yourselves to a shop and wait in line. Ever looked at CompUSA’s return desk.

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