Are Dot Com Execs Damaged Goods?

from the depends-on-the-exec dept

Is it going to be difficult for all these laid off dot com CEOs to find a new job? There seems to be a mixed opinion – as well there should be. I think any company that counts someone out just because they went to a dot com is being stupid. However, I do think you can learn a lot from what type of dot com the person went to and what they did while they were there. For the most part, you can often tell whether someone went somewhere because they really believed in the concept, they saw a huge (fun) challenge, or if they just wanted to get rich quick. Based on that, combined with the rest of their experiences should determine whether or not they are really “damaged goods”. The article does bring up a good question about some of the young dot com CEOs who still can only see themselves running a company. Those guys might be a bit more difficult to hire.

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