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IKEA Pulls Spam Marketing Plan

from the thank-goodness dept

It was just a few days ago that Dan posted a story about IKEA’s plan to have people spam each other about the opening (in fact, Dan lived up to his end of the bargain and spammed me). Fortunately, many folks saw through IKEA’s plan and complained that they were encouraging spam, and so IKEA has cancelled the program. Dan, I hope you got your $75 already.

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Comments on “IKEA Pulls Spam Marketing Plan”

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Dan says:

It was NOT spam

I swear, sometimes we can be some of the biggest jack-asses. IKEA gave into criticism and suspended their marketing campaign of people sending digital postcards to their friends announcing a new store opening, in exchange for coupons. Give me a break, folks! SPAM is the crap I get from idiots trying to sell quick-rich schemes and wonder drugs. SPAM is the crap I get 15 times a day from people I’ve never heard of, with some of the worst written English I’ve ever seen. SPAM is the crap I get that bounces when I try to get off their damn mailing list. SPAM is not the mail I choose to send to people I know.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: It was NOT spam

I agree that this isn’t spam in the traditional sense… but it is bad. I can’t stand any of these pyramid programs that require you to tell your friends about stuff. Honestly, I get pissed off when people send them to me, because I know they’re just doing it to get some money or a free sweatshirt or something lame like that. I only want people to send me stuff if they really think I would find it interesting. I’m glad IKEA backed down, because it means that people have some sense. In the meantime, though, I still receive probably at least one “spam” email a day from friends telling me to go to some new site and sign up to give them credit. What a complete waste of my time.

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