People Pissed Off with Y2K Doom Predicters

from the accountability dept

Well, it seems that all those folks who became famous for predicting the end of the world are now facing just a bit of criticism. It’s a little scary to read the comments by people who “still believe”, including one who sounds absolutely devastated that the world didn’t end.

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Comments on “People Pissed Off with Y2K Doom Predicters”

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1 Comment
David A. Lane says:


Personally, I am glad it is all over and I can get back to work on all those projects that piled up while I was busy making sure my PCs rolled over and didn’t play dead correctly. I would rather have been at home watching it all than sitting behind my desk watching a clock….I move that we bury the issue, and all those who think the world will come to an end, implement the Chinese calendar and get on with our lives.


PS: Anybody want to buy some SPAM – I hear there is a lot of it in basements all over Washington…

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