Wrongfully Accused of Spam

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For the last few months the Up-To-Date newsletter took a bit of a hiatus, I’ll admit. It came back this weekend with the plan that it would be going strong into the new year. However, that may not be possible. Today I was accused of spamming with the newsletter because someone apparently forgot they had signed up for it. However, the accusation came to me via my ISP, so I have no clue who the person is and therefore cannot remove them from the Up-To-Date list. Thus, at the current time if I send out another Up-To-Date, there is a strong chance I will lose my ISP account. I am not sure what to do about this, but have made it clear to my ISP that this was not spam, and am awaiting their reply. I am completely and totally against spam. I am somewhat religious in reporting spam, actually. For nearly 3 years I have sent out the Up-To-Date newsletter and never been accused of spamming. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do, please let me know.

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Comments on “Wrongfully Accused of Spam”

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Anonymous Coward says:

things to think about

1) move to an ISP/Method that will allow you to send the e-mail (Aka someone with a backbone)
2) send your present ISP the maillog from sendmail showing the sheer volume of mail, and ask, If I was spamming, why a complaint now
3) see if any ‘internet notables’ (aka people who are known by three letters or, say Vixie himself.)

Mike (profile) says:

Re: recreate list.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to “recreate the list”. The newsletter list actually predates the web page by a significant amount of time and a very large percentage of the people who read the newsletter don’t actually read the web page. I have contacted the ISP and asked them to contact the particular user with a clear explanation how to unsubscribe from the list. I’m also looking at installing better list mgmt software to make this all easier as well.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: recreate list.

Definitely a good point, but that was not the case in this instance. It was a report that someone filed at Spamcop.net (which is somewhat ironic because I’m a big fan and user of Spamcop.net and have even recommended it on Techdirt a number of times). So, it was someone who took the newsletter and filed it at spamcop. And, anyway, the mail went through techdirt’s server, which is different than the ISPs. It was just that spamcop tracked the original connection to my ISP (as they should).

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