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  • You Want People To Have Strong Passwords? What Are You, Some Kind Of Communist?

    Kingster ( profile ), 11 Feb, 2014 @ 05:49am

    I'd actually liken passwords to a vaccination. Do they help with the simple stuff? Absolutely. Will it keep you from getting serious stuff? Maybe, maybe not.

    On top of that, you can (if it's YOUR hardware) make the choice to have a simple password (though, actually, with Windows, your machine is safer WITHOUT a password, than a weak password). If it's not your system, then you don't get that choice. Same goes with websites, too. You have the option to not use the site, if you don't like their password policies - but that site is just covering their own butt, more so than they are covering yours.

    To those griping about FUD? I'd agree with the fear bit. Not so sure about the UD parts though. Working in the information security world, you'd be surprised at the insanity I see. Maybe a bit of fear is needed for some of the PEBKACs out there.

  • NJ Congressman Rush Holt Is Attempting To Repeal The Patriot Act And FISA Amendments Act

    Kingster ( profile ), 17 Jul, 2013 @ 08:01am

    Re: Hey! Great idea!

    I hope you meant that comment as a joke... Because it's really freaking funny. I'm still wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes.

  • Flight Search Engines And The Multi-City Ripoff

    Kingster ( profile ), 18 Apr, 2013 @ 07:14am

    Re: Re: Price discrimination?

    Maybe I'm missing something here...

    You say buy a round trip ticket for first and last (1 and 3), then buy a separate flight from 1 to 2. He would also need another flight from 2 to 3. In addition, because he is not returning to his origin city, how does he get a round trip for 1 and 3? Right? Or did I get lost somewhere...

    Can you explain a bit more, please?

  • The Greatest Trick The Government Ever Pulled Was Convincing The Public The 'Hacker Threat' Exists

    Kingster ( profile ), 17 Apr, 2013 @ 06:20am

    Re: Hackers are minor alongside Microsoft.

    The difference, you dolt, between Iraq and "the hack" is that we, the citizens of the US, will lose more freedoms, and be subjected to more big-brother than ever before. If the government succeeds in what they are seeking to do, we will become the citizens of a country doing damn near the same exact things as Saddam Hussein was doing to his people (maybe we won't be killed like the Kurds).

    So, yes... I would agree that this will be the greatest trick. It will be the trick where WE are bamboozled into giving up our rights, rather than bamboozled into war.

  • Will People Trust Google's New 'Note' Keeping Service After Reader Shutdown?

    Kingster ( profile ), 21 Mar, 2013 @ 06:41am

    Re: Re: Re: I'm mourning the oncoming loss of Reader as much as the next guy

    As one that initially mourned the impending loss of iGoogle... I've decided I don't anymore. There are a number of on desktop apps that will display RSS right on your machine, whether it be Mac, PC, or Linux. That's all that iGoogle really was, anyway - a "laid out" RSS reader. Sure, there were a couple of "widgets" that were a bit more, but you could find desktop widget replacements for those too.

    That said - I don't know how you could compare iGoogle with Facebook - they aren't even in the same neighborhood, apart from the fact that they are both web-based services. I certainly wouldn't look to Facebook for my news - I have to many friends that I consider idiots... LOL

    Curious, though... What have you done to replace iGoogle and Reader? I moved all my feeds from Reader into Feedly with ease.

  • Will People Trust Google's New 'Note' Keeping Service After Reader Shutdown?

    Kingster ( profile ), 21 Mar, 2013 @ 06:54am

    Even if "Keep" went away..

    Which I doubt it will, your "data" will be in Drive. Which won't go away. All Keep is, really, is a UI to display data that gets stored in Drive. Just like Document, Presentation, Drawing, etc. Right now, there isn't a "link" to Keep from Drive, but there will be shortly.

    That said... I need Keep to be able to import my Evernotes. THEN it will be really useful.

  • Super Meat Boy Developer To EA: DRM Hurts Your Bottom Line More Than Piracy Does

    Kingster ( profile ), 20 Mar, 2013 @ 08:27am

    To be brutally honest, I "pirated" both Super Meat Boy and Bastion. I later bought them as part of the Humble Indie Bundle - I paid $25 for the bundle, and gave half to the devs.

    The bundles have been a great way to expand "purchases" at lower prices, and I've bought into most of them, including those on Android. The cool thing is that I get to name my price. There are games in all of the bundles that I don't play at all, but they still get something from me, even if I don't play.

  • Despite Threat Of $50,000 Fine, Montreal Designer Plans To Release More 'Real World' Counter-Strike Maps

    Kingster ( profile ), 05 Mar, 2013 @ 07:10pm

    So, what the STM is saying is that terrorists couldn't build their own maps of the station? How ridiculous.

    When the US Army licensed the Unreal Engine for the "game" America's Army (really a "training" sim), they opened the door. You could build custom maps from the get-go for that game (like you could for all of the Unreal Engine games), and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if those damned terrorists downloaded that game (it was FREE!) and built all sortsa cool maps.


  • How Much Does HBO Pay MarkMonitor To Send DMCA Notices Removing Its Official Content From Google?

    Kingster ( profile ), 05 Feb, 2013 @ 01:33pm

    Re: Re: [VPN out of Malaysia]

    Pfft... No self-respecting pirate uses a VPN. They're too slow.

    Offshore seedboxes will always be there, because there will always be companies that exist in locations that the **AA's (and their foreign brethren) won't be able to touch. Those are the systems that bring real speeds to torrents anyway. And the "library" doesn't shrink, since most of the low-hanging fruit aren't the ones doing the rips. Just the population of peers shrinks, possibly (but not likely, because you've affected the seedboxes not one bit) reducing the speeds.

    Most people just want some content in an easy method to use... Gimme a website, that has all the shows, music, and movies I want to listen to and watch, at a reasonable price (heck, I would pay $50/month for that, $75 if I can do it from my mobile) and I'm in. Make me go to multiple sites like the content asshats want me to do, and now you're annoying the hell out of me - the user.

    But you probably already knew all of this.

  • Aaron Swartz Unlikely To Face Jail Or Conviction… Until Feds Decided To 'Send A Message'

    Kingster ( profile ), 26 Jan, 2013 @ 06:25am


    Actually, the Mass. Computer Crime Law would likely be sufficient...

  • Police Use HIPAA To Justify Charging Citizen For Recording Them

    Kingster ( profile ), 10 Jan, 2013 @ 11:49am


    If she claimed HIPAA, then deleted the files, then she's put the department into regulatory purgatory. You're not supposed to delete those files, for a few years, anyway.

  • Razer Updates Synapse Software With Better 'Offline Mode,' Other Problematic 'Features' Remain Unchanged

    Kingster ( profile ), 03 Jan, 2013 @ 08:15am

    Re: Re: Re: People buy these mice for the software?

    I have the Anywhere MX. I like it a lot - small, lotsa buttons (that all work in Windows 7 without SetPoint installed), and has a nice "heft" to it. I guess I can't speak to the Revolution on a Macbook or Windows...

    The only Razer mouse I ever owned was the BoomSlang. The immense DPI for back then (2000DPI ZOMG!!11!!ONE) and on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment certainly upped my odds in Unreal Tournament. It was a good mouse. It also stored its settings locally.

  • Razer Updates Synapse Software With Better 'Offline Mode,' Other Problematic 'Features' Remain Unchanged

    Kingster ( profile ), 03 Jan, 2013 @ 04:59am

    Re: Re: wow an entire article about a mouse !!!

    I love it when OOTB mentions other species in its same genus.

    Trollus fanboius vs. trollus industrious.

  • Razer Updates Synapse Software With Better 'Offline Mode,' Other Problematic 'Features' Remain Unchanged

    Kingster ( profile ), 03 Jan, 2013 @ 04:54am

    Re: wow an entire article about a mouse !!!

    here is a clue, you don't like a product or how it is offered, DONT FREAKING BUY IT..

    Here's another clue - read the article you're commenting on. You aren't told that the cloud connection is necessary until you complete the installation process. If the packaging said "Internet service registration required for all features, whether you use them or not" then MAYBE it would be cool (not in my book, though). Let me help you find the relevant bit:

    This would be great news, except for the fact that Razer still requires online activation and installation of its Synapse software, whether you plan to use it or not. Rather than allow users to opt out of the cloud before registration, Razer is still requiring all of its proprietary hoops be jumped through before cutting its customers loose.

  • Judge: Apple / HTC Patent Agreement Must Be Revealed (Except For Dollar Amount)

    Kingster ( profile ), 05 Dec, 2012 @ 06:45am

    Re: Nooooooooo

    You forgot the roundy corners so the phone doesn't draw blood while in your pocket!

  • Electronic Versions Of Textbooks Spy On Students As They Read Them

    Kingster ( profile ), 16 Nov, 2012 @ 06:22am


    I'm not sure I agree with you. As the father of two children that carry about 12-15 pounds of textbooks to and from school every day (like I did, and likely you did)... I see enormous benefit in them.

    I would have killed to carry an iPad (or similar), that I could "mark up" and annotate. Take notes in class? Of course! Put them right on the page that you're discussing! It's digital - it will (or could) be there forever!

    And for reference? I dunno - I bet an electronic indexed search will find things just as fast, and probably faster, than you would on paper.

  • Senator Wyden Puts Hold On Intelligence Authorization Act Over Free Speech Concerns

    Kingster ( profile ), 15 Nov, 2012 @ 05:57am

    Re: Seeking more info is itself more interesting...

    I find nothing of the sort. Maybe it is Google tweaking your results based on history? Are you using Chrome? Signed in to Google? Something similar? Lots of things "influence" your Google results. I wish they would provide a way to turn that off...

    Doing a search on Google using "feinstein" grabs me only one hit for this particular article in my first 50.

    Then, I tried a search here without Javascript turned on. I got a significant number of results using both "feinstein" and the actual tag, "dianne feinstein". In fact, you could just scroll up and click on her name in the tags... And get a big ol' page of posts with her tagged in it.

    So... I'd venture to say you've found nothing of interest, while many of us find Senator Wyden's defense of our rights from those that choose to see "boogeymen" that don't exist important.

  • DEA Gets Lawsuit Dismissed Because It Couldn't Cope With Two Terabytes Of Evidence

    Kingster ( profile ), 28 Aug, 2012 @ 07:56am

    LOL. My NAS here at the house has 9TB of storage (4x3TB in RAID5). That's almost 25% of the DEA's storage.

  • DailyDirt: Lobsters — Sea Food Different

    Kingster ( profile ), 18 Aug, 2012 @ 06:10am

    The lobstahs we Mainahs eat are no biggah than a pound'n'a'haaf. It's moah werrk, to eat them little things, mistah, but they taste a ton bettah.

  • Legit Ebook Lending Site Taken Down By An Angry Twitmob Of Writers [UPDATED]

    Kingster ( profile ), 08 Aug, 2012 @ 05:11pm

    Re: List of authors who

    My educated guess is that you could do a search on twitter for "" and find a pretty good listing for the most part. Especially prior to the 6th.

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