Bonus Sunday Post: Help Dan Bull Get His New Freely Distributed Song On The Charts

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Check it out: a rare bonus Sunday post. Dan Bull, the independent UK musician who we’ve written about quite frequently for his songs about topics near and dear to our hearts, has come out with another awesome new song, Sharing is Caring. However, there is one thing different this time around: he wants to see if he can get his freely available song on the music charts. To that end, he’s using the Promo Bay, having The Pirate Bay promote his song to its millions of users, and also posting the fun videos (yes, multiple videos) of the song on YouTube.

Traditionally, the major labels tend to get their hits to chart by “buying” their way onto the list. In some cases, this was a literal situation, where labels would effectively scam the Soundscan system to get their albums/songs listed. That’s become more difficult these days, but still a major label release will also include millions of dollars spent on marketing to get it on the charts. Dan, however, is wondering if support from the folks at The Pirate Bay might be enough to get his song to chart and to make a pretty powerful point:

The singles charts are worthless as an indicator of quality, and artists needn’t strive for the validation of reaching them.

However, by taking a free song by an unsigned artist to the echelons normally reserved for the industry elite, I want to smash the glass ceiling and show that there is another way of doing things.

There are ten different versions of the song—one each focused on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, several remixes, and a selection of instrumental and acapella tracks for other musicians to build upon. You can download all ten from the Pirate Bay (of course, if you’re in the Netherlands, too bad), and you can support Dan’s shot at the charts as much or as little as you want by buying some or all of them individually from iTunes, Amazon or Play. There is a convenient list of direct store links on Dan’s website.

So check out the video for the first version of Sharing is Caring here, and if you’d like to help show the old guard that it is possible to release music freely on sites like The Pirate Bay, and still have that music “sell” well, purchase the track at your favorite online retailer.

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Comments on “Bonus Sunday Post: Help Dan Bull Get His New Freely Distributed Song On The Charts”

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Unanimous Cow Herd (profile) says:

I purchased..

and am currently enjoying the 01 – Sharing Is Caring (Original Trilogy Box Set) [Explicit] version. I’m going to tell people at the call center about it. Incidentally, I saw a post from someone at saying they were not able to purchase the song from Amazon. They are in Holland. Move along! Nothing to see here.Language some may consider inappropriate there will be.

Anonymous Coward says:

I would say that the it’s the content of the song that is making the promotion, rather than the place. I suspect that this is getting plenty of play in the freetard media, and if it crossed over at any point, suddenly it’s getting mainstream media coverage. Considering the “topic”, I would not be shocked.

Attributing it to TPB is lame, typical for you Mike. You are pointing at the wrong place as the reason for the success.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:


Really, Mike? Popping in with a special Sunday post to promote a song called “Sharing is Caring,” complete with link to your favorite pirate lair, The Pirate Bay? Barf, dude. Yeah, you’re not pro-piracy at all. How could anyone possibly think that? They just don’t get your nuance, dude. You’re soooo nuanced.

Can you explain how linking to an authorized release is piracy? I’m curious.

Karl (profile) says:


Yeah, you’re not pro-piracy at all.

You might have a point, if any piracy was happening here at all. It isn’t.

Dan Bull didn’t commit copyright infringement to write the song. He authorized the distribution on The Pirate Bay, so The Pirate Bay isn’t committing copyright infringement (vicarious or other). Nobody who downloads Dan Bull’s songs from The Pirate Bay is committing copyright infringement.

It’s all completely legal. Not only is it within the law, it’s activity the law was designed to encourage.

apauld (profile) says:


“Can you explain how linking to an authorized release is piracy? I’m curious.”Awesome. And if this AC can actually explain how linking to authorized content=piracy, I will donate $50 to he/she/it’s favorite charity. And I am serious AC; if you can actually get me to accept your view I will give money to a charity of your choice. Just convince me. apauld.

Anonymous Coward says:


“He authorized the distribution on The Pirate Bay”

yes, but in doing so, is effectively approving of and condoning TPB as a valid, and legit source for content. It’s like getting a crack dealer to deliver pizza for your restaurant. You are giving his credibility he does not deserve.

It’s tacky and tasteless. It’s pure Techdirt style hucksterism and “fuck you” mentality at work.

PaulT (profile) says:


Wow, I know that reality is difficult for you, but this is pretty pathetic.

For years, you idiots have been attacking P2P and torrents as though the very technology was illegal. It’s not, of course, but this was a difficult point to get across when you insist on attacking the tech rather than its usage – like trying to ban kitchen knives or hammers because some people are killed with them.

Now we have an example of an independent musician who’s using the platform for 100% legal uses, and you still attack him! Not just Mike, but the very musician who’s distributing his music in 100% legal ways! You’re literally attacking a musician for distributing his own work efficiently, and attacking those who choose to support this musician.

If you’re the same AC who’s been claiming to be a musician, it’s no wonder you’re angry. After all, the scapegoat you want to use for your own failure doesn’t work when other musicians still manage to make a living using that very same scapegoat to their advantage…

” “fuck you” mentality at work.”

There’s only one set of people with that sort of attitude, and you’re the poster boy for that particular group of morons.

Fin says:


“you’re not pro-piracy at all”

You do realise the irony of that statement, the pirate bay isn’t just piracy its a culture moving away from a select few deciding for the masses.

Apart from the obvious, that its not piracy if something is given away…

The fact this content is on the piratebay and if this song gets to number 1 is all symbolic of a hatred for those who used to be able to abuse their position of power as content overloads charging ridiculously amounts, and a sign of change contrary to the entertainment distributing industry.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:


And if your RTFA you would see that Dan is using the PromoBay function to promote his music.
The Promobay this little tiny project that has has thousands of artists sign up for their shot to be promoted to a worldwide stage.
Part of using the Promobay is to point it at a torrent on the site or on your own website where it is available for free.
Dan Bull is letting you check out the music before having to pay for it, and asking you to only if you like it (or maybe to stick it to the labels).

Artists who have deals outside of the labels, so they actually care about fans. They respond to what people want, and the fans give them money.

Dan Bulls history is rather amazing, he has now hooked up with the most resilient tracker in the universe… the labels are sad they can’t get that kind of global coverage for free. They pay out millions to make a hit, Dan Bull stuck it on TPB.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

How do the charts work?

I do believe it is being counted only on sales, this is how the charts work. Sales figures rather than actual popularity.

The Amazon (US) price was $0.89 per track, so not horribly expensive. If there isn’t a purchase option that works for you or your locale and you still want to help, spread the word about the project.

Everyone can contribute in their own way and make a loud statement to the legacy players that things are changing, and they are no longer needed.

Anonymous Coward says:


” yes, but in doing so, is effectively approving of and condoning TPB as a valid, and legit source for content. “

Because it IS a valid and legit source. Just because some people use it in less than legitimate ways does not make the site itself non-legit. Many people also use it for very legitimate reasons. You are attempting to take away credibility that it deserves by ignoring the fact that TECHNOLOGY isn’t bad or good, it’s the uses PEOPLE put it to that create legitimacy or it’s opposite. Significant .. Legal .. Uses. Songs reaching the mainstream charts through TPB would pretty much prove the Significant Legal Uses of TPB.

Nuance, see ?

PaulT (profile) says:


Lol, yeah *I’m* the one who’s attacking…

I honestly hope you’re as much of a failure in business as you are at adult discourse, it would be a fate well deserved. It’s a shame you won’t learn your lesson, but please continue attacking more successful artists and paying customers. It’s pretty funny.

Sorry that your attempts at holding back the tide are failing, Canute, but my money’s going to the artists who deserve it. At least your comments and those of the people you worship help me decide who that is.

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