The Internet Puts Up A Billboard In Front Of Lamar Smith's Office: Don't Mess With The Internet

from the will-he-notice? dept

You may recall that, back in March, on a whim based on a discussion at SXSW, Alexis Ohanian and Erik Martin (from Reddit) teamed up with Holmes Wilson (from Fight for the Future) to crowdfund a billboard to go up in Lamar Smith’s district in Austin. It turns out that you internet people don’t mind paying after all, and helped fund two billboards which have now gone up in Smith’s district, including one across the street from his office in San Antonio, and a second one on “Lamar Blvd” in Austin

Oh, and Ohanian’s BreadPig is selling a “Don’t Mess with the Internet” t-shirt, where each sale will help fund Fight for the Future and its new Internet Defense League — which you should join, in part because if you do cool things to help defend the internet, they hand out totally awesome medals.

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Comments on “The Internet Puts Up A Billboard In Front Of Lamar Smith's Office: Don't Mess With The Internet”

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Anonymous Coward says:


I’m assuming that ClearChannel is the owner of the sign. In my area, on billboards like that, there is a logo in the same spot which I know is the owner of most of the billboards in my city. The number on the lower left is the sign ID. If you want to advertise on that board, you then know who to call and also how to identify the sign to them to rent the space.

Anonymous Coward says:

While I applaud the effort, the sign could have accomplished a lot more by simply mentioning Lamar Smith’s name. 99% of the people reading this billboard will have no clue what it’s about and will not go to the website or do any further research to educate themselves about the topic. I bet Lamar Smith would be much more concerned and upset by a sign that read, “Don’t mess with the Internet, Lamar Smith. We can vote you out.”

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